Traffic accidents in Turkey according to the criminal law

bus traffic accidents in Turkey
criminal law of Turkey

In this article, we will again talk about the traffic accidents in Turkey, but this time we will consider this problem according to the Turkish Criminal Law. The criminal code of Turkish republic determines the death of tourists in road accidents as “causing death by negligence”. The term “negligence” means causing unintentional damage due to improper execution of professional duties.

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Number of accidents increases. Who takes reponsibility?

traffic accident in Turkey
accident in Turkey

Unfortunately, foreign citizens from different countries who come on holiday to Turkey after purchasing the package tour, quite often become the victims of traffic accidents, food poisoning, accidents in hotels, and infections in the hotel pool. In this article, we want to clarify who is responsible for tourists’ lives and health during their stay in Turkey.

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The ways of drawing testament in Turkey

drawing a will in Turkey
testament in Turkey

As as addition to our article about registration of inheritance rights in Turkey, we would like to share the information about the ways of drawing a will.

We often receive the questions connected with the testament from elderly people who choose Turkey as a country of residence after being retired. In this article we will briefly discuss whether the will which has been made in another country is valid in Turkey, and the three possible ways of drawing the testament.

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