Turkish Commercial Law

Legal help in commercial & corporate law, services for establishment companies in Turkey.

Certain sectors of Turkey`s economy such as agriculture, industry, construction, tourism and transport are rapidly developing and in recent years have become very attractive to foreign investors and partners. Therefore, regulating corporate contracts, hiring practices and commercial relationships has become an issue of great importance.

When starting a business abroad it is easy to underestimate the importance of carrying out market research, learning about bureaucratic obstacles and the peculiarities of the legal system. Moreover, financial operations and tax systems may vary from country to country. Our law firm offers professional legal consultation and legal services to foreign people who work in different business areas and commerce or deal with Turkish companies.

The majority of foreign investors make rather serious mistakes on the first stages of establishing business due to insufficient knowledge of Turkish legal and governmental system. Such mistakes can be rather difficult to correct once your company has been established, so it is extremely important to do thorough preliminary research, estimate the market and competitors and work out a professional business plan. Every experienced investor knows that business requires a reliable commercial and legal basis like a building needs a strong foundation. It is reasonable to spend more money and effort during the preparatory stage rather than solve upcoming problems, which might prevent your business from working normally in future. Preliminary work on establishing your company and entering Turkish market requires consultations and help of professional local lawyers. Therefore, we provide wide range of services in the field of Turkish commercial law for the following categories of foreign investors:

  • Foreign nationals and companies who are engaged in International trade with Turkey.
  • Foreign businesspersons who already run the company in Turkey.
  • Foreign investors who are planning to invest capital in establishing business in Turkey.

Our specialists provide the following services to the foreign companies in Turkey:

  • Preparing and audit of the establishment documents, performing company establishment procedures from scratch in every city of Turkey.
  • Providing all types of consulting in the field of Commercial law, Corporate law, Foreign Investment Policy, developing market research, preparing business plan.
  • Bookkeeping, financial audit, recommendations for business development, developing business strategy plans.
  • Debt collection proceedings, court cases against the debtor.
  • Administrative permits approval and other governmental procedures for establishing commercial and industrial projects in Turkey, drafting contracts.

Making business in a foreign country always involves several risks and requires legal awareness, in order to minimize these risks it is necessary to be very accurate on every stage and have a perfect developed strategy to make your company grow and be strong against competitors.

We also work in such spheres as: