Consumer Protection Law in Turkey

We protect the rights of foreign consumers in touristic and real estate business spheres.

Nowadays the number of European tourists coming to Turkey on vacation is constantly growing. Some of them even decide to invest in Turkish property and buy apartments, villas and penthouses in different cities.

In order not to become a victim of fraud and unfair Real Estate companies, it is necessary to be informed about some important peculiarities of Turkish legal system. All the contracts and deals must be made up according to consumer protection laws.

Real Estate companies must inform their customers properly, but unfortunately, nowadays there is a great number of foreign people who have insufficient information about their legal rights in Turkey. For example, before buying property, you must make sure it has all the authorizing documents and was built legally. This information can be obtained in the Cadastral Chamber or the City council and will leave no chance for the fraud real estate agents to sell defective property.

What do we mean under protecting the rights of customers in the tourism industry?

Mild climate, rich Eastern culture, fantastic cuisine and historical places make Turkey one of the most popular touristic places in the world. Every year a great number of foreign tourists from Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, Netherlands, France and Bulgaria choose Turkey for vacation buying package tours or arranging the trips themselves.

Unfortunately, some of the tourists face the problems connected with bad hotel service or accommodation, transfer, excursions etc. Such difficulties are also regulated by Consumer protection laws. Our attorneys are ready to offer legal help and consultations in protecting interests of foreign citizens in this field of legislation.

Facing violation of customer rights in Turkey can a foreigner reckon on effective legal protection?

Over the last few year several serious changes have taken place in the system of Turkish consumer laws. Most of them have been re-issued being strongly influenced by German and Switzerland systems. According to the new system, the majority of contact types made up with Turkish companies, even the ones which have been signed for personal purposes now fall under the jurisdiction of modernized laws. Our attorneys can provide such examples as: contract with the package tour company, buy sell agreements for property, buying ticket from the transport company, personal insurance agreement, contracts for Internet and telecommunication services. The scope of new laws has been widened significantly, so if a foreigner turns out to be a victim, he possesses strong legal rights. According to the Turkish legislation, it doesn't matter whether the complainant is a foreign citizen or not. The only factors which play a very important role:

  • Violation of consumer rights has happened on the territory of Turkey.
  • A Turkish company has violated the rights of a customer or committed a fraud.

Being aware of these peculiarities, our attorneys perform successful protection of consumer rights in Turkey and provide qualified legal consultations in this area of legal practice.

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