What is residence permit? How can I obtain it in Turkey?

how to obtain residence permit in Turkey advice of professional lawyers
residence permit in Turkey

Residence permit- a document that gives a foreigner the legal right to reside in another country for a specified period of time and under certain conditions. There are several types of residence permit in Turkey. The law on foreigners and international protection number 6458 was enacted in Turkey on April 11, 2014. This law regulates the terms of staying in Turkey and foreigners` protection on the territory of Turkey.

A valid residence permit exempts a foreign citizen from obtaining entry and exit visas and entitles free entry and exit from the country during the period specified in the residence permit.

At the end of this period, the foreign citizen has the right to extend the residence permit without leaving the country. A foreign national may apply for a residence permit himself, or may ask the official representative or the attorney (in this case, personal presence may also be required).

In accordance with the new rules, an application for a residence permit must be submitted to the Consulate of Turkey in the country of residence.

Another innovation in accordance with the law on foreigners and international protection number 6458 concerns the foreign nationals who are authorized to work in Turkey. Document authorizing work on the territory of the Turkish Republic can be used as a residence permit. According to the article number 27, it is not necessary to receive a residence permit if a foreign citizen is performing legal work practice on the territory of Turkey.

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