What types of residence permit exist in Turkey?

types of visas in Turkey the restrictions and conditions of getting residence permit
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The question "How go get the residence permit in Turkey?" is frequently asked by our clients. According to the law number 6458, there are 6 types of residence permit in Turkey. In this article we want to write detailed information about peculiarities and terms of each residence permit type.

  1. Short-Term Residence permit (issued for maximum 1 year)
  2. Family Residence permit (issued for maximum 2 years)
  3. Student Residence permit (issued for a period of study)
  4. Long-term Residence permit (issued for an indefinite period)
  5. Humanitarian Residence permit(issued for maximum 1 year)
  6. Residence permit for the victims of Human Trafficking (initially issued for 30 days, then can be extended for maximum 6 months, the total period must not exceed 3 years.)
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What is residence permit? How can I obtain it in Turkey?

how to obtain residence permit in Turkey advice of professional lawyers
residence permit in Turkey

Residence permit- a document that gives a foreigner the legal right to reside in another country for a specified period of time and under certain conditions. There are several types of residence permit in Turkey. The law on foreigners and international protection number 6458 was enacted in Turkey on April 11, 2014. This law regulates the terms of staying in Turkey and foreigners` protection on the territory of Turkey.

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