The most beautiful waterfalls of Turkey

the most stunning waterfalls of Turkey
Manavgat waterfall

Dear readers of our blog, today we will tell you about the beautiful waterfalls of Turkey. Of course, the number of them is great, but to begin with, we would like to tell about the waterfalls most accessible for an average tourist, which are located not far from the main resort city of Antalya. Duden Waterfall chain is located right in the city of Antalya, it will not be difficult for any tourist to get there, but the beauty and greatness of these waterfalls is just incredible.

The series of waterfalls is formed by the river having the same name Duden, in this beautiful place the pleasant sounds of water and refreshing coolness give relaxation and inspiration. Like any touristic place in Turkey, Duden waterfalls park if full of cafes where you can eat or drink something refreshing. As a memory, you may take a picture with exotic parrots.

Less famous, but no less beautiful is the waterfall in Manavgat. Manavgat River forms a spectacular waterfall, which is not that high, but the powerful and noisy flow of water makes it majestic and spectacular. Unusual azure color of the water is especially beautiful on sunny days. After seeing this natural wonder once, you will want to go there again and again. Of course, one can find numerous souvenir shops and cafes near the waterfall park.