Tulip festival in Istanbul

Tulip festival Istanbul 2016
Istanbul Emirgan Korusu

Istanbul is the magical city where you can feel the history of centuries in every step you take. But Istanbul becomes even more attractive and magnificently beautiful in the beginning of April during the annual tulip festival.

The air is fool of flower fragrances and the sights of Istanbul become so vivid and colourful. Tulip is a symbol of Istanbul and Ottoman Empire, and every year over 15 millions of tulips are planted on the streets Istanbul. But to my mind, the best place to enjoy the brightness of tulips and other flowers is Emirgan Korusu. Red, white, yellow, pink, violet, orange, thousands of colours will completely astonish you and make you feel the beginning of spring.

In Emirgan Korusu you can even buy bulbs of the tulips you liked to plant these wonderful flowers at home. From the highest point of the Emirgan Korusu hill, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of Bosporous and Asian part of Istanbul.

In the whole world It's hard to find a city which can be compared to Istanbul. Istanbul will excite you, tire you, amaze you and definitely take your heart. If you want to fall in love with this city forever you definitely have to come in spring and feel its unforgettable atmosphere and energy!