Ancient city of Sagalassos

the ancient city of Sagalassos
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Dear visitors of our website, today we want to share our impressions of the new journey to the ancient city of Sagalassos. Unfortunately this place is not very wide-famous among the tourists but we hope that our photos and tips will be good inspiration for tourists who are interested in archeology to include Sagalassos into the travel route this summer.

Your journey may start in the airport of Antalya or Isparta, because if you want to visit this archeological treasure, your goal is a small town of Aglasun if the Burdur province. The distance from Antalya airport is about 100 km and Isparta airport is very close, just 25-30 km.

The history of Sagalassos started thousands of years ago, this city was considered to be one of the biggest and the most developed settlements of Ancient psydiya. The high cultural level is clear from amazing architecture, statues and ornaments. Such buildings as Roman baths, library, cathedral, parliament, agora ( the centre) are very well preserved till nowadays and still deeply excite everyone who comes to visit this place. The most impressive view is the tremendous amphitheater situated 1700 m above the sea level and able to accept more than 9.000 people.

Unfortunately the destiny of Sagalassos was rather sad. Instead of having a successful future is was ruined by earthquakes and the majority of its population was killed by epidemic. People had to abandon Sagalassos because it has become impossible to live there. So this amazing monument of history remained forgotten till 1990 when the scientists first started to explore it.

Ancient city of Sagalassos is definitely worth visiting as the marvellous sights of the ancient buildings will take your breath away. If you plan to spend some days in this area our personal recommendation is to choose the hotel Sagalassos lodge and SPA. You will be surprised by the service, fresh air, clean and warm rooms, stunning nature and facilities.