The kingdom of Midas

The gold king Midas
Midas and the city of Gordion Turkey

In childhood probably each of us have heard the mythological parable about greedy King Midas with donkey ears who lived in ancient Phrygia, and received a very beneficial talent from the god Dionysus- everything he touched turned to gold. However, this gift has turned into a tragedy. One day King Midas embraced his own daughter, and she turned into a gold statue forever.

Moreover, the king made so much gold that it completely lost its value. Donkey ears was a punishment from god Apollo, when the golden king Midas refused to recognize him as the winner of the ancient gods’ music contest.

It might seem just an unbelievable old fairy-tale, but fragments of that very Phrygia really exists on the territory of modern Turkey! Moreover, this kingdom from ancient legends is not far from Ankara, the modern village Yassıhüyük.

Very interesting things began to happen in this village not long ago: for example, one man was going to dig a ditch for a new home, and accidentally mosaic found the oldest in human history! According to the archaeologists, the hills of the village are suspiciously similar to the mounds. Actually, they were right, as further investigations of this area led to the stunning archaeological discovery. Indeed, the biggest hill turned out to be huge mound, there were so many ancient dishes and utensils found there, that the government had to build a museum in the village!

An entire family of three people was buried in the mound, skeleton bone are very well preserved and presented in the museum. It is believed that one of the buried persons is his Majesty Midas. However, I personally believe that such a greedy person would have taken lots of gold to the grave and would have been buried alone. Therefore, most likely, Midas was buried in a little mound, in order not to attract the attention of gold hunters. The mound is open for everyone, the tomb is made of wooden planks, incredible, but the wooden parts also have perfectly preserved until modern days.

To see the very ancient city Gordion itself, you must climb the hill and walk along the "Road of Phrygia." From the hill, you can see the wonderful river running in these places since the times of Kind Midos. If you are a tourist, interested in history and archeology, you are going to spend very nice time in ancient Phrygia.