Mevlana Museum Konya

museum of Mevlana in Konya
interesting place in Turkey Konya

"In generosity and helping others be like a river,
In compassion and grace be like the sun,
In concealing others’ faults be like the night,
In anger and fury be like the dead,
In modesty and humility be like the earth,
In tolerance be like a sea,
Either exist as you are or be as you look..."

If you, dear reader, know who these wise words belong to, you get from us the highest mark for the knowledge of history and philosophy, moreover we can conclude that you are a true connoisseur of Turkey. If you are not sure about the answer, we definitely advise you to read this article. These great teachings belong to one of the most important poets and thinkers of the Turkish-Islamic mysticism Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi. Therefore, today we will speak about the glorious city of Konya in the territory of modern Turkey, which is known to be Mevlana's hometown after he and his father settled there in 1228, during the period of the Seljuk state. Mevlana was one of the founders of the "Mevlevi" order and the philosophy, preaching tolerance, love to God and forgiveness to all people on Earth. The doctrine called Mevlevizm continued spreading actively even after Mevlana's death, nowadays the city of Konya is still one of the most important places of pilgrimage.

World famous Mevlana Museum, which presents valuable manuscripts, objects and personal belongings of Rumi, as well as the Mevlana Mausoleum, built in 1274 are situated in Konya, Republic of Turkey. In Konya you can witness the Famous ritual of the Mevlevi Sema- slow rotation to the music was held on Fridays , sacred days and religious holidays, ritual rules are strictly followed even nowadays. The smooth rotation to the music of specially educated Derbishes dressed in white was perceived as a way to appeal to heaven and God and receive the "divine inspiration." We recommend you to visit the ancient city of Konya, thereby responding to the call of the great Mevlana: "Come, whoever you are, come."