Thermal waters in Karahayit

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Surely, any tourist who loves Turkey have least once visited or wants to visit Pamukkale. Internet and travel magazines are full of reviews and photos of this wonderful place, so we will not write about the things known and written by millions. We would like to tell about little-known places that are definitely worth visiting if you decide to take a trip in the Area of Pamukkale. We advise not to choose a one-day trip, because to get the complete impression of these places it is necessary to stay there at least for 3-4 days.

Karahayit Thermal springs is a unique place, located very close to Pamukkale, just about 7 kilometers away. Karahayit village is known for its hot springs, which have unique effect on human body. The iron oxide contained in the thermal water gives it red-brown color and specific smell, at the same time the thermal water is quite hot, about 50 degrees Celsius. It is believed that taking thermal baths in the hot spring has calming and rejuvenating effect, cures nervous system, skin diseases musculoskeletal system, helps to get rid of excess weight. Indeed, after an hour of swimming in the thermal pool comes incredible relaxation and you can completely forget the problem of insomnia.

Those who wish to treat nervous and immune system must certainly stay in Karahaiyt for at least a couple of days, especially as the choice of thermal hotels and guesthouses is very wide, from the most economical to luxury. Almost every hotel has a swimming pool with thermal water, some hotels provide spring water directly to the rooms, so you can take a thermal bath before bedtime, for example. For those who don’t have an opportunity to stay at the hotel but has a desire to look at the spring water- we recommend Kirmizi Su Park (red water), there is a thermal water swimming pool, the entrance there is absolutely free. Have a nice trip!