Chirali Beach

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Chirali beach in Turkey

Dear readers of the site, we are glad to welcome you in our new blog about Turkey, places of interest, cultural and legal peculiarities, where will try to tell you about Turkey with love and in poetic manner. In our first article we would like to share a short summary about such a beautiful place as the Chirali (Çıralı) beach, we sincerely hope that our experiences and emotions will encourage you to visit this magical place.

The village of Çıralı is located near the famous touristic town of Kemer on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. This village is widely known for its unique beach, which is protected by the WWF.

Unbelievable color of the sea surface, gentle waves slightly touching the golden coast, a stunningly beautiful far away green mountain, shrouded in a faint haze, all this splendor allows you to feel incredibly close to nature and forget about the problems. After enjoying the warm seawater, adventurers can go on a boat trip to the nearby picturesque bays. Local people say that during the period from late July to mid-August it is possible to meet with huge sea turtles. The tourists, who are interested in history, might probably enjoy visiting the ancient city of Olympos, which is very close to the beach. The village of Çıralı is very quiet and romantic, here you will not find big all-inclusive hotels, but you will definitely be able to enjoy the purity and splendor of nature in one of the cozy hotels or guesthouses.

A very pleasant surprise is waiting for the lovers of nice food, as there are so many restaurants of national cuisine in the village. Most of them are located right near the sea, you can taste national dishes for very reasonable prices and spend a good time.