The museum of Burdur

museum of Burdur Turkey
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This unique museum which is situated in the centre of Burdur City, province of Burdur, was opened for visitors in 1969. If you follow our blog, you must have read about the stunning antique city of Sagalassos.

The majority of artworks and household antiques represented in the Burdur Museum were found exactly in nearby Sagalassos and Cremna ancient cities. Moreover, the exhibition consists of thousands archeological and ethnographic findings which belong to Persian, Classical, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods. If you are interested in archaeology, you will be impressed by antique statues and ancient murals showing the fights of gladiators, dancing women etc.

Burdur museum was nominated to the award "Europe museum of the year" in 2008 as an owner of the very important artworks collection. Being a huge library of ottoman period, the building of the museum is definitely a work of art itself.

Turkey is a paradise for ancient history admirers, and Burdur museum truly possesses very impressive exhibits of the past. Therefore, if our previous articles inspired you to plan the trip to Cremna and Sagalassos, you can fulfil your historical journey by visiting this amazing museums that will tell you the history of centuries.