Abant lake

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Abant lake in Turkey

The magnificent natural reserve Abant lake is located in the northwest part of Turkey, not far from the province of Bolu, at an altitude of over 1,000 meters above sea level. This place and the road leading to it are extraordinarily beautiful at any time of the year. We were able to go there in early December, when the lake was not frozen, but the land and the trees around it were covered with freshly fallen snow.

It is an incredible fun to have a slow walk around the lake along the footpath. For those who loves active recreation 7.5 km route length will seem very easy and fun, because the scenery is so picturesque that any photograph becomes a real ready postcard.

There are any kinds of facilities available for tourists: hotels, restaurants, cozy cafes near the lake, where you can rest and enjoy a hot Turkish coffee, places for picnic and barbecue. In winter, sledding down the hills and playing snowballs may bring great excitement either for children or for adults.

Abant Lake is a creation of nature, it is located among the mountains, in winter their tops are covered with snow, that makes the landscape even more memorable. Abant lake is rather deep, the maximum depth of the crystal waters is 18 kilometers, the lake is a protected nature reserve with unique specimens of flora. Once you have seen this beauty, you will understand how diverse and majestic the nature of Turkey is. See you in the following articles!