What should customers know about the process of buying property?

how to get ownership certificate tapu when buying real estate in Turkey
legal help bying real estate in Turkey

This article is about the peculiarities of purchasing property in Turkey by foreign citizens. First of all, we would like to make clear that real estate Sales and Purchase Transactions cannot be executed by a notary. The notary can only issue a contract of sale, which is itself not the evidence of property ownership transfer to the new owner. You can also read about the restrictions for buying property in Turkey.

As a rule, the contract specifies the value of the property, buyer`s and seller`s information, data on real estate, the terms of payment. The only one official document, which certifies the ownership of the property in Turkey is a TAPU certificate. Once you have chosen the property, before you start the execution of documents, you must submit a preliminary application to the Land Registry Office. In this case, the following documents are required:

Which documents are required for property ownership transfer?

  1. TAPU certificate of Real Estate from seller
  2. Passport data, notarized translation of the passport into Turkish
  3. Document from the local municipality, showing the minimum declared value of the property
  4. For buildings (house, commercial property) earthquake insurance is required
  5. Photo of Seller (1 pc.), Photo of buyer (2 pcs.) Photos must be taken within the last 6 months, the size of 6x4
  6. For those customers who do not speak Turkish, a professional interpreter must be hired

If a foreign citizen wants to register property rights by means of a power of attorney issued abroad, it is necessary to provide a translation, the original or a copy certified by a notary. If the power of attorney is issued abroad, it must be certified by the Turkish embassy or consulate, or shall have an apostille (in accordance with the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents of 5 October 1961).

Costs that will be required for registration of TAPU

  1. Tax on the purchase of real estate. Paid by both buyer and seller. Based on the minimum declared value of the property. (according to the law number 492, in 2014, the tax amounts to 2%)
  2. State duty (belirlenen döner sermaye ücreti) in 2014 is less than 75x2.5 TL
  3. State tax in 2014 is 350 TL

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Important nuances for those who are going to buy property in Turkey

Before you sign the contract, you must apply to the Land Registry Office to find out if there are any conditions or restrictions that prevent the sale and purchase of the property.

  1. If your application was rejected by the General Land Registry Office, you can file a statement of appeal to the regional authority.
  2. It is strongly recommended not to work with agencies and people if you are not sure of their professionalism and reliability.
  3. In case there is any kind of disagreement between the buyer and the seller, it is necessary to file a claim in the courts of the Turkish Republic.