Are there any restrictions for buying property in Turkey?

restrictions for foreign citizens who want to buy property in Turkey
real estate in Turkey

According to the legal system of Turkey both natural persons and legal persons can buy any type of property in Turkey except some types of Real Estate falling under the following restrictions. You can also read about the important issues of bying property in Turkey.

  1. The total area of the property throughout Turkey, owned by a natural person, or received on the basis of limited property rights must not exceed 30 hectares.
  2. The property purchased by a natural person or a legal person certainly must not be in the military forbidden zones, security zones, areas of strategic importance for agriculture, culture, environment, religion and subsoil.
  3. According to the Property ownership laws of Turkey, in every province of the country, the total area of property owned by foreign citizens must not exceed 10% of all land property.

The property acquired or used in contradiction with the law, can be eliminated. The registration of real estate must be made only in registration chambers and the State Ministry of land cadaster.

Can foreign legal persons buy property in Turkey?

If you are a legal person it is possible to purchase real estate in Turkey, but we must mention some existing restrictions. According to article number 35 of the Property Ownership law number 2644 only commercial organizations have the right to own property in Turkey.

Legal establishments such as funds, cooperatives, associations cannot purchase real estate in Turkey. .

In this article, we want to focus your attention to private laws, which regulate Property Ownership rights of commercial organizations in Turkey.

  1. Turkish Petroleum Law number 6491
  2. Law for the Encouragement of Tourism number 2634
  3. Law on Industrial Zones number 4737