Number of accidents increases. Who takes reponsibility?

traffic accident in Turkey
accident in Turkey

Unfortunately, foreign citizens from different countries who come on holiday to Turkey after purchasing the package tour, quite often become the victims of traffic accidents, food poisoning, accidents in hotels, and infections in the hotel pool. In this article, we want to clarify who is responsible for tourists’ lives and health during their stay in Turkey.

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Interview with lawyer Hakan Üncüoğlu.

interview with the Turkish lawyer Hakan Uncuoglu on family law, buying property, and getting material compensations
interview with attorney Hakan Uncuoglu

Interview with lawyer Hakan Uncuoglu, a founder of hıs own law office in Ankara. Lawyer Hakan Uncuoglu is the author of numerous articles on the foreign citizens protection in Turkey.

Hakan Uncuoglu has wide experience in judicial protection of foreign citizens in such law fields as family law (divorce proceedings in Turkey, division of property, parental rights), commercial law, consumer law, criminal law. Lawyer Hakan Uncuoglu also specialises in winning compensations for moral and material damage.

Lawyer Hakan Uncuoglu speaks Russian and English languages.

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Traffic accidents in Turkey according to the criminal law

bus traffic accidents in Turkey
criminal law of Turkey

In this article, we will again talk about the traffic accidents in Turkey, but this time we will consider this problem according to the Turkish Criminal Law. The criminal code of Turkish republic determines the death of tourists in road accidents as “causing death by negligence”. The term “negligence” means causing unintentional damage due to improper execution of professional duties.

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