Social insurance for the foreign women married in Turkey.

Social insurance in Turkey
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Due to the growing number of mixed marriages in Turkey, the question of providing social security benefits for foreign brides has gained particular importance.

1) Our lawyers often get questions about whether a foreign woman who has married a citizen of the Turkish Republic has a right to use social insurance when applying to the hospital or clinic.

The answer is: If the Turkish citizen uses the services of social insurance and pays the insurance premiums on time, his foreign spouse is able to get all the benefits in health sphere.

What conditions should a foreign woman fulfill to get these benefits?

  • She should contact the local Social Security Ministry (Sosyal Güvenlik Müdürlüğü), which her spouse (the citizen of Turkey) is registered in.
  • Show that she resides in Turkey for a residence permit (the minimum period the residence permit must not be less than one year).
  • The foreign spouse must write an application that she does not receive any social assistance from other foreign countries.
  • Provide the number of the foreign passport.

After this simple procedure, the foreign wife of a Turkish citizen will be registered in the same Social Security Ministry and will be able to take advantage of insurance benefits in case she needs to use the services of the hospital or clinic.

2) The second important question our dear readers are interested in: "Will the foreign woman receive any social security payments in Turkey in the event of her husband's death?"

Social benefits for the Turkish citizen's widow depend on the employment status of the deceased spouse. If the deceased Turkish citizen was an employee or a entrepreneur, his widow is entitled to get the social pension, despite the fact whether she has Turkish citizenship or not.

However, according to Turkish law, there are some additional conditions connected with the payment of social benefits to the widow of Turkish citizen.

For example, the government will be able to provide social benefits to the widow if during the life her husband have been paying the insurance premiums for at least 1800 days.

Children under the age of 18 years also have rights to get the social security payments. It is important that a child must be registered in the Population Register of Turkish Republic.