Documents necessary for marriage and family residence permit in Turkey

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Dear readers! Many of you are wondering how the procedure of marriage in Turkey is carried out. In this article we will try to highlight this issue in detail. And so, let's list what documents are necessary to get married in Turkey.


  • Birth certificate (apostille stamp is required). In Turkey, it is necessary to make a notarized translation.
  • The document from the registry offices in your country, which proves that the foreign national is not married. This document should also have an apostille. This document must also be translated in the notary in Turkey.
  • Passport translation certified by a notary. Apostille is not required.
  • Report on the state of health (Sağlık raporu). Health certificate must be obtained in one of the clinics in Turkey.

How to legalize marriage made in Turkey in your country?

In order to legalize marriage made in Turkey, you must contact the nearest consulate of your country in Turkey and provide the marriage certificate, received in Turkey (Evlilik cüzdanı).

Spouses have the right to choose the property regime and make up the marriage contract in Turkey either before marriage, or after it. Our attorneys are ready to give you free consultations on family law in Turkey.

We sincerely wish all mixed marriages were happy and the number of applications to our law office concerning divorces, property division and custody of children was not that high. We can indefinitely dream and hope for the best, but our articles are written to give real and useful advice.

Being concerned about pre-wedding fuss, and later serenely enjoying the honeymoon, the newlyweds often forget to follow the residence permit status of foreign spouse in Turkey. Our family law attorneys in Turkey recommend resolving all the formalities related to the residence permit immediately after the marriage.

What to begin with if you want to get a family residence permit?

So, you have married a citizen of Turkish Republic and want to get a family residence permit for the first time. The first step is visiting the website of the Migration Management Ministry, exactly the section for filling in the application form where you should choose “I lodge an application for residence permit for the first time”. It should be noted that before you fill in the questionnaire, you need to prepare a bio metric photo in electronic format and information about the insurance policy. Without this information, you will not be able to complete the form.

After the questionnaire is filled in, the system will allow you to print it, as well as choose the date of the interview at the local migration authority office. On the appointed day and hour, you (preferably with the spouse) should come to the migration authority office and provide a list of documents necessary for obtaining family residence permit.

What documents are necessary to obtain a family residence permit?

  • Application form and questionnaire, printed from the website of the Migration Service.
  • A photocopy of a passport of a foreign spouse.
  • 4 biometric photographs of a foreign spouse.
  • A photocopy of Turkish identity card of another spouse.
  • Insurance policy, or information about the current SGK insurance (State Agency for Social Security).
  • Copy of the Marriage Certificate.
  • Judicial registration document. Adli sicil kaydı.
  • Identity register copy where the fact of the marriage is indicated. Nüfus kayıt örneği.
  • Receipts for payment of necessary fees.
  • Annual tax return, certificate of tax registration, salary certificate or other document confirming the financial opportunities for living.
  • A document showing the address of the spouses' place of residence.

On the day of appointment, the spouses also have to separately pass an interview where the migration service officers will ask questions about their relationships, wedding, family, and so on. It is not necessary to prepare for the interview as sincere couples always undoubtedly pass with success. If there are no any problems with the documents, soon after the interview, the residence permit card will be delivered straight to your home.