Interview of attorney at law Hakan Üncüoğlu to the "Russia 1" TV channel right after 15 july night

interview with lawyer Hakan Uncuoglu
Hakan Uncuoglu-attorney in Turkey

Lawyer Hakan Uncuoglu gives his comments to the events in Turkey connected with the 15 july attempted military coup in his interview to Russian Television right after the terrible night in Ankara.

In light of the recent days' events, many of us are concerned about what will happen in Turkey in the nearest future and in particular, about the changes that may be applied to the judicial system of Turkey. In a short interview Attorney of his own law office in Turkey, Hakan Uncuoglu answers the questions of journalists from TV channel "Russia 1".

-Mr. Hakan, in connection with the attempted military coup on 15 July in Turkey, over 2,000 prosecutors and judges are being detained at the moment. In your opinion, is that a large number of not? Are these actions legitimate enough according to the Turkish laws?

The number of detained judges and prosecutors suspected taking part in the commission of the attempted coup in fact is 1/5 of all judges working in Turkey, which is a serious number. According to Turkish legislation, there's the principle of inviolability acting towards the judges and prosecutors, but in the case of a particularly vicious violations of the law (in this case we are talking about the use of force against the government), these employees can be detained, moreover the trials can be carried out against them. In this regard, such measures as the massive arrests the judges and prosecutors in this situation are totally legitimate. All instigators and accomplices of this attempt to violate the principles, provided by the Parliament of Turkey can be regarded as members of an armed terrorist group.

Is it true that in connection with the recent events in Turkey, legal holidays will be canceled?

Yes it's true True, in order to start the investigation and the judicial proceedings against of all the detainees as soon as possible, legal holidays were officially abolished, an official announcement of this decision was published in the newspaper on Saturday.

What will be the impact of these events on the judicial system in general?

Despite massive arrests and dismissals, Turkish judicial system will continue to operate in a normal manner. In my opinion, there will not be any major changes in it.

What punishment will be applied to those whose involvement in the military coup will be proven?

There is no death penalty in Turkey, so the most severe punishment existing in our country the will be applied - aggravated life sentence. Turkey is a country of law, so each offender will be punished in accordance with the Constitution, no matter what position is.

In addition to this short interview we would like to add that we are severely condemn these acts, the only applicable word to those is "frenzy". Nobody has the right to commit crimes against democracy, against the government and against the Turkish people, those who dared to commit this atrocity must be judged and get the punishment they deserve.

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