Frustrating results of the touristic season 2015, terrible accidents on vacation

accidents in Turkey 2015
Turkey 2015

The accidents that took lives of foreign tourists during the vacation season in 2015 in Turkey. Every tourist must be extremely careful on vacation in the foreign country.

Turkey remains one of the most popular destinations for foreign tourists; we will not give numbers and mention once again the pace of tourism development in Turkey. As a law company, we want to tell about the reverse side: accidents that happened with the foreign tourists during this season.

The Results of the season 2015 are rather disappointing; many foreign tourists from different countries have died at the resorts of Turkey, some of them accidentally, some because of the tourist bus driver’s mistake, some due to the coincidence of the tragic circumstances.

Turkey continues to hold a leading position on the number of tragic accidents with tourists. We would like to list the most egregious cases that have taken place with foreign citizens during the tourist season in 2015.

Accidents in Turkey with tourist buses.

Referring to the tourists’ deaths in 2015, we cannot but mention the terrible traffic accidents in Turkey that took the lives of many foreigners.

A series of sad tragedies began with the accident, which occurred March 30, 2015 near the town of Manavgat, Antalya Province. The touristic bus overturned on a road slippery from the rain, as a result a 52 y.o. citizen of Estonia Tina Vaher died . In the bus there were mostly citizens of Estonia and Latvia, many of them were seriously injured.

Just two months later, all news sources were shaken by the accident on the Marmaris-Dalaman road, which took place June 2, 2015 at about 4 am. That night the tourists were going on a trip to Istanbul, many of them were sleeping, when the driver suddenly lost control and the bus turned over several times. The injured tourists were sent to hospitals in Mugla and Marmaris. The attempts to save the life of 50-year-old Natalia Russkikh have unfortunately failed.

And again, two months later one of the loudest fatal accidents on Aug. 6, 2015 makes us shiver with horror and shock. A huge tour bus, which belonged to the Kilit Global Company, crashed near the city of Denizli, completing a tour of Pamukkale, a famous sightseeing place of Turkey. As a result, four people died and more than 30 were wounded.

Accidents in the hotels of Turkey.

This summer at least 4 accidents took place in the five-star hotels in Turkey when little children drowned in the pool. There is one thing that unites all of these tragic accidents, the death of 6-year-old Leyla from Azerbaijan, 8-year-old Bogdan from Ukraine, 10 year-old Sergey and 7-year-old German from Russia. In some hotels, where the kids died, there was no lifeguard at all, in other hotels the special staff were unable to react in time and pull the child out of the water.

Another unbelievable incident happened to 21 years tourist Anastasia, who was staying at a hotel in Camyuva village in the province of Antalya. Early in the morning, a hotel employee opened the door of the girl’s room with a service key, came into and raped a young Russian woman. Anastasia immediately informed the hotel administration and the hotel technician was arrested.

Accidents outside the Turkish hotels.

As we see, many accidents happen in hotels, even though the personnel and tour operator are responsible for the life and health of the visitors. It's hard to imagine what dangers may a tourist come across outside the hotel. Unfortunately, this year a great number of accidents happened on the streets and beaches of Turkey as well.

A 15-year-old citizen of Russia Ksenya Meshkova was on vacation with her grandmother in Alanya, a resort town in Antalya province. On the way to the beach, right on the crosswalk, the girl was hit by the car. Fortunately Ksenia is still alive, but she had very terrible injuries and spent a long time in coma taking intensive treatment.

17 year-old Arthur fell down from a cliff while viewing the ancient city of Antioch Hell Kragum near the town of Gazipasa. Protection fences have not been established on the dangerous rocky terrain yet. This place has not been officially opened to the public as a tourist site, but there is no prohibit for the tourists to visit it. The height of the cliff is about 50 meters, the boy got lost during the tour, the police began to look for him, and after a while, the boy's body was found under a cliff.

While riding on the water sport attraction, Russian woman Nadejda Popovic fell from the FLY FISH due to a strong bounce and the lack of safety measures. When the Russian tourist was in the water, a huge inflatable structure fell right on top of her, breaking her rib. The woman spent hours waiting for the doctors’ help, only at night the doctors started the operation, but the broken rib damaged the lung and it was impossible to save the life of Nadejda.

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